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There are many other similar decisions. It’s not close. Whether you worked one week or one year, if it s within the last two years, and perhaps even the last three years, you have a right to get what is owed to you.

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John Kristensen of Kristensen LLP has recovered millions for victims in his career, including obtaining a settlement in excess of $1 million against Spearmint Rhino. He’s litigated cases against clubs throughout the United States. Some of the clubs Kristensen recently filed claims against include: Spearmint Rhino; Rio’s Gentleman’s Club; Satin; Strip Joint in Pomona; Library Gentleman’s Club; Venom in Tuscon, Arizona; Wild Zebra in Providence, Rhode Island. 

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Clubs have been forcing wage theft on dancers by claiming dancers are independent contracts. They are not. You cannot force someone to sign a document waiving away your employment rights under the Fair Labor Standards Act. The landlord/tenant arrangements and licensing agreements are bogus. They are legal fugazis. If you worked at an exotic dance club, be advised that house fees, failing to pay minimum wage and forced tip sharing have all been found to be illegal. In fact, Federal Courts have repeatedly rejected the repugnant efforts clubs seek to protect wage theft.

Dancers are Not Independent Contractors Under Federal Law

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